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Two new tools enhance McLeod's BI Framework

Building on years of delivering Business Intelligence (BI) systems, McLeod Software has announced two new tools to enhance its BI offerings.

The McLeod Business Intelligence Framework is an open, scalable, industrial-strength framework that enables customers to use existing tools to develop and produce custom business reports. Customers refer to these reports constantly to drive the company at maximum productivity and profitability. Since these reports are platform-independent, customer executives and managers can now view the reports on any device that supports a browser, including personal mobile units such as a Blackberry or iPhone.

One of the new BI Framework tools is the Business Requirements Life Cycle (BRLC) process. This process helps customers truly bridge the gap between an executive’s or manager’s request for business information and the resulting report that delivers the information exactly as requested. Developed as a template, the BRLC process walks users through a step-by step process beginning with the initial information request, through a series of questions to ensure that the correct data is gathered and analyzed in order to deliver the most appropriate and accurate reports and information.

Other new BI tools include a series of Data Marts (data stored in report-ready format), complete with metrics, reports, graphs, charts, and gauges, which customers can modify and customize for a specific operation. These Data Marts are built using tools and techniques that enable creation of relevant reports customized to business requirements.

These tools and enhancements are provided as a part of McLeod Software’s BI Framework training workshops.

Visit for further details.

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