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Umpqua Dairy uses HighJump systems

Umpqua Dairy has reduced its direct labor expense, increased efficiency, and improved customer service since implementing systems from HighJump Software. HighJump Route Administrator and HighJump Route Assistant support Umpqua’s growing direct-store delivery (DSD) operations, including 70 route drivers. Umpqua manufactures and distributes dairy products throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Northern California.

The HighJump Route Administrator DSD route accounting system creates the backbone of Umpqua operations, managing routes, hand-held computing devices, customers, and driver schedules. It also integrates with the company’s ERP system. Umpqua route drivers use mobile hand-held devices powered by HighJump Route Assistant. The system automates daily settlement processes, eliminates paper invoices, and transfers data electronically in real-time.

Umpqua has also achieved cost savings through reduced labor spending and paper consumption. Before implementing its HighJump systems, it had 10 to 12 people across the company’s seven distribution centers that had to help check in the route drivers when the drivers returned. Now the check-in process is completely automated, eliminating mistakes and inaccuracies and allowing labor to be redeployed to other tasks. Additionally, route drivers are becoming more efficient, completing routes faster and allowing for additional stops. The electronic transmission of data has eliminated confusion in the company’s accounts receivable department and reduced its order-to-cash cycle.

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