Vigillo upgrades its Carrier Select tool

Vigillo LLC announced that Carrier Select, a carrier selection tool for freight brokers, shippers, and insurance providers, has been completely redesigned and will continue to provide CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) scores that Vigillo’s carrier customers and the entire industry can opt-in to share.

Carrier Select, which provides real-time data for analyzing motor carrier performance and making more informed choices, has moved from a downloadable application to an easy-to-use, web-based application.

“As a means of performing the due diligence required to defend against negligent-hire lawsuits, we introduced Carrier Select four years ago so freight brokers, shippers, and insurers can readily access the safety rating, operating authority, insurance and CSA scores of their motor carrier partners,” said Steven G Bryan, chief executive officer of Vigillo. “With the blocking of CSA BASIC scores from public view under newly enacted legislation, combined with the lack of hiring standards, that due diligence becomes much more difficult and much more critical. As a more user-friendly, mobile-enabled, web-based application, Carrier Select will become an even more valuable tool for our subscribers as they address that increasing need.”

Vigillo maintains the largest database of Carrier CSA scores outside of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The Carrier Select no-cost, opt-in model is available to any motor carrier to easily share now-private CSA scores, along with Vigillo’s new JUST parallel scoring system, with critical business partners as each carrier sees fit.

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