W Lee Flowers adopts ReposiTrak to manage food safety-related risk

W Lee Flowers and Company, which operates or supplies 90 IGA/KJ’s Market and independent supermarkets in the Carolinas and Georgia, has chosen ReposiTrak to manage their food safety-related risk.
“With the Food Safety Modernization Act regulations now requiring us to store and manage literally thousands of vendor documents, we knew we had to eliminate the paper shuffle happening on both sides of our business,” said Henry Johnson, president of W Lee Flowers. “We chose the ReposiTrak solution for its automation and validation capabilities. We like that the dashboards and alerts enable one person to stay on top of missing, expired, or inaccurate documents.”
Powered by Park City Group’s technology, the ReposiTrak platform helps manage regulatory, financial, and brand risk associated with safety in the global food supply chain. The platform consists of two systems.
The Compliance Management system not only receives, stores, and shares documentation, but it also manages compliance through dashboards and alerts for missing, expired, or inaccurate documents. The Track and Trace system quickly identifies the supply chain path taken by a product in case of a product recall. It can reduce the risk in the supply chain by identifying backward-chaining sources and forward-chaining recipients of products in near real time.
ReposiTrak is a collaboration between Leavitt Partners and Park City Group. It provides food retailers and suppliers with a solution to help protect their brands and remain in compliance with rapidly evolving regulations. This Internet-based solution enables all participants in the farm-to-table supply chain to easily manage records and regulatory compliance. Additionally, ReposiTrak enables traceability as products and their ingredients move between trading partners.
More information is available at www.repositrak.com.

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