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Walmart Canada deploys Isotrak's 3iS FleetVision

Walmart Canada deploys Isotrak's 3iS FleetVision

Walmart Canada is deploying Isotrak’s award-winning 3iS FleetVision product with its largest third-party carrier partners. Designed to provide end-to-end supply chain visibility, 3iS FleetVision creates a single, fully measurable view of Walmart’s virtual fleet—not only its private fleet, but also its third-party logistics (3PL) fleets.
“Operating in Canada creates unique challenges, and we are constantly looking to improve and innovate within our transportation network and supply chain,” said Scott Ponsford, director of transportation for Walmart Canada. “Providing our stores and operations centers visibility into when deliveries are expected will help ensure product availability for our customers.”
Transportation networks rely on being efficient and effective. A fleet operation cannot run at maximum efficiency if it is blind to other major components in the supply chain, such as 3PLs. 3iS FleetVision will provide Walmart Canada with a view of all delivery activity to monitor, track, and measure performance of its supply chain.
“Walmart Canada is known as a leader in transportation networks and the supply chain, and we are thrilled to help them enhance their fleet operations,” said Brett Conner, president of Isotrak North America. “At Isotrak, we continually challenge ourselves to bring next-generation solutions to the table, and to work closely with our customers to improve their fleet efficiencies.”
3iS also benefits 3PL carriers by allowing them to focus on customer satisfaction with their most important customers. Historically 3PL reporting has been done via EDI (electronic data interchange) or manual updates, which are not necessarily accurate or timely. By creating fully visible, accessible, and measurable key performance indicators in near real-time, Isotrak is helping 3PLs to build long-term, value-based relationships by aligning processes and fleet management solutions across the supply chain.
Walmart Canada, which already uses Isotrak’s ATMSi fleet management system, will integrate 3iS FleetVision into its own fleet and selected 3PL carrier partners for immediate deployment.
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