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XATANET gains customer-defined reporting

XATA Corporation has added customer-defined reporting capabilities to its core product, XATANET. The company's new Self-Service Reporting tool allows customers to more effectively use their data within XATANET to create additional reports tailored to their fleet operations needs.

XATANET Self-Service Reporting also allows customers to perform mathematical functions on their existing fleet data to evaluate fleet performance or other management criteria. Features available within Self-Service Reporting include specifying parameters or filters for accessing the data, as well as the ability to display and save reports as Adobe Reader PDFs, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, or other standard formats.

Examples of reports customers could create using the XATANET Self-Service Reporting tool include:

  • Driver and vehicle reports, such as speeding and idle time that are unique to customer operations.

  • Driver fuel-analysis reports, such as mpg usage by region and vehicle.

  • User-definable delivery and route reports and such custom performance reports as fuel analysis, mpg, and speeding.

Available in November 2008, the enhanced reporting capability is part of the XATANET 4.3 release.

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