APL enhances Asia–Latin America connectivity

APL has announced the launch of three new Asia-Latin America services that will enhance direct connectivity of Asia, Mexico, Central America and West Coast South America.

Together with the Asia Caribbean Express (ACE) service that directly connects Asia to the Caribbean, APL’s expanded Asia-Latin America service network promises a more extensive service coverage and best-in-class transit times across the major economies in Asia and Latin America.

A weekly direct service that links China, Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, Central America and West Coast South America, the Condor Express (CDX) service’s eastbound route offers a 15-day transit time from Busan to Mexico, Shanghai to Mexico in 20 days, and Central China to San Antonio in 33 days.

Its westbound route also offers transit times designed to facilitate shipments of fresh fruit and perishable commodities from Mexico and West Coast South America, to Japan and China. For example, it requires 15 days for cargoes to transit from Mexico to Yokohama via the CDX service.

The CDX service will begin April 4 from Kaohsiung with this port rotation: Kaohsiung—Hong Kong—Shekou—Ningbo—Shanghai—Busan—Manzanillo, Mexico—Lazaro— Cardenas—Buenaventura—San Antonio—Callao—Lazaro Cardenas—Manzanillo—Yokohama—Busan—Kaohsiung

A weekly direct service that covers China, Korea, Mexico and West Coast South America, shipments on board the Falcon Express (FCX) service can expect a transit time from Korea and China to Ensenada of 12 and 17 days, respectively. Cargoes from North China to Peru and Chile will arrive in 28 and 33 days, respectively.

The FCX service will begin sailing April 7 from Xiamen with this port rotation: Xiamen—Yantian – Shanghai—Qingdao—Busan—Ensenada—Manzanillo—Callao—San Antonio—Lirquen—Manzanillo—Shanghai—Xiamen

A weekly direct service that covers China, Mexico and West Coast South America, the Caracara Express (CRX) service promises a transit time from Central China to Mexico of 16 days. Likewise, 29 days is what it takes for cargoes to get to China from Chile.

The CRX service will commence sailing April 17 from Hong Kong with this port rotation: Hong Kong—Yantian—Kaohsiung—Ningbo—Shanghai—Manzanillo—Buenaventura—Callao—San Antonio—Hong Kong

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