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A Duie Pyle tractor trailer

ATA President’s Trophy for overall safety program goes to A Duie Pyle

A Duie Pyle, provider of asset and non-asset based transportation and supply chain solutions in the Northeast, has been recognized as a recipient of the American Trucking Associations (ATA) President’s Trophy for 2017, the national safety award presented to US motor carriers.

“We are honored to be recognized with the ATA President’s Trophy as it speaks to our ongoing commitment to the safety and well-being of our employees as well as our steadfast attention to the needs of our customers both of whom benefit from a safe operation,” said Peter Latta, CEO at A Duie Pyle. “Our dedication to continual improvement includes a heavy focus on risk avoidance, pre-employment screening, monitoring and intense training. We appreciate this recognition from the ATA as it serves as a reminder to our employees and to our customers of our unwavering commitment to meeting their needs.”

The ATA President’s Trophy recognizes motor carriers for their overall safety program in three categories based on motor carrier annual mileage, Up to 25 Million Miles, Between 25 to 100 Million Miles and Over 100 Million Miles. Pyle was chosen in the Between 25 to 100 Million Miles category.

“A Duie Pyle was selected as the 2017 ATA President’s Trophy winner in the Between 25-100 Million Miles category because of its dedication to safety and health performance,” said Jacob Pierce, deputy executive director, Safety Management Council for American Trucking Associations. “A Duie Pyle showed that its safety program is designed to teach, motivate and sustain safety knowledge and practices amongst all of the company’s employees.”

One example of how Pyle works to improve safety and driver performance is the company’s internal Truck Driving Academy, which is audited and certified by the Professional Truck Driving Institute, and runs with a full-time staff that provides both classroom and one-on-one range time over a 10-week period. The company also provides year-round safety and security training and continuous improvement programs to employ the best-trained drivers and dockworkers in the industry.

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