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Bell pepper shipper picks Purfresh technology

Purfresh Inc announced that Mark Van Driel, director of the company Die Groene Oase, has deployed Purfresh to protect and preserve the quality of its bell peppers exported via ocean transit from northern Europe to South Africa.

Using Purfresh technology, Die Groene Oase is able to reduce decay and control the presence or appearance of mold in bell peppers shipped via ocean transit while taking a market leadership position.

“We had a successful season and were pleased with the additional benefit the Purfresh system could provide with consistently good arrivals. Last year we tried atmospheric control with only little or no success, while this year with Purfresh we had a much higher packout” said Mark Van Driel, director of Die Groene Oase.

Bell peppers are susceptible to decay-causing plant pathogens such as Botrytis, Alternaria, and other soft rots of fungal and bacterial origin. Peppers respond well to the ozone active atmosphere environment provided by Purfresh.

“Shippers and exporters of perishables are seeking solutions to help mitigate risk of decay and spoilage while being transported by ocean. We were pleased to partner with Van Driel Farms on developing a program that lead to successful results” said Adam Valmoro of Purfresh.

Purfresh is offered as a per-trip service from most shipping lines. Access for more details.

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