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C H Robinson commits to Omnitracs VLV

C H Robinson, a third-party logistics (3PL) and supply chain management provider, is committed to long-term use of the Omnitracs Virtual Load View (VLV) application to increase overall efficiency and provide continued visibility into load tracking.

The third-party logistics provider (3PL) turned to the VLV solution to drive efficiencies in collecting data on loads tracked through VLV. Since January 2017, C H Robinson has continuously increased the number of loads tracked through the application. VLV obtains position data of loads and deposits the information into a web service for C H Robinson to consume and analyze.

This solution allows brokers, shippers and carriers to easily track and manage all their loads from a single, easy-to-operate portal. For convenience, VLV can also be directly integrated into a company’s back office system, so learning and accessing a new platform is not required.

“Our company has developed a great collaboration with Omnitracs throughout the years,” said Tim Kurtzal, director of C H Robinson process and standards. “The ease-of-use and adaptability of Virtual Load View solutions is extremely attractive as we continue to enhance our technology. The software integrates seamlessly into our system, while still allowing our contract carrier network to use their favorite C  H Robinson app: Navisphere Carrier or Driver. Overall, VLV provides us with essential freight visibility, which increases our customers’ satisfaction.”

VLV can track Omnitracs Enterprise Services and Omnitracs XRS solutions in the United States and Canada, along with Omnitracs Mexico solutions. To learn more, go to

C H Robinson provides a portfolio of logistics services, fresh produce sourcing and managed services for more than 113,000 customers and 71,000 contract carriers through an integrated network of 280 offices and more than 14,000 employees. Headquartered in Eden Prairie MN, the company has been publicly traded on the NASDAQ since 1997. For more information, visit

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