C R England award salutes sweet action of “Berlin Candy Bomber” Halvorsen

C R England award salutes sweet action of “Berlin Candy Bomber” Halvorsen

C R England has added six more drivers to its Honored Veterans Fleet and recognized World War II-era veteran Colonel Gail S Halvorsen USAF (Ret) “The Berlin Candy Bomber” as the first recipient of the first C R England Honored Veteran Award. The recognitions took place June 17 at the refrigerated carrier’s corporate offices in Salt Lake City UT.

The company has been recognizing superior drivers with military service backgrounds in its Honored Veterans Fleet since 2014. Newest members of the fleet include:

•Mark Evans, 23-year Air Force veteran

•Leland Boyles, 10-year Army veteran

•Bryan Walk, eight-year Navy veteran

•Dennis Hallowell, seven-year Marine Corps and Army veteran

•Timothy Williams, four-year Navy veteran

•Robert St John, four-year  Marine Corps veteran

After the recognition of the new members of the Honored Veterans Fleet, C R England Chairman Dan England presented Halvorsen with the first C R England Honored Veteran Award. He noted that this award would be presented to future current or past members of the US military recognizing extraordinary service to the nation.

After World War II, Halvorsen flew in the Berlin Airlift. During the 15-month airlift (Operation Vittles), American and British pilots delivered more than two million tons of supplies to the German city. But it was Halvorsen’s decision to airdrop candy to children (Operation Little Vittles) that clinched an ideological battle and earned him the lasting affection of a free West Berlin.

Today, Halvorsen is affectionately known by Berliners and many worldwide as the Candy Bomber (“Rosinenbomber”), Uncle Wiggly Wings (“Onkel Wackelflugel”), and the Chocolate Pilot. Much of the candy dropped was provided by The Hershey Company. The blockade of Berlin began in June 1948 and ended in May 1949. Flights continued until September 30, 1949 to build up reserves.

Katie Freisen, senior director, global distribution and transportation, represented Hershey and presented Halvorsen, the new Honored Veterans drivers, and those in attendance with Hershey candy bars.

See http://wigglywings.weebly.com to learn more about Halvorsen. Access www.crengland.com for more information on C R England.

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