C R England opens terminal, adds 10 LNG trucks to fleets

C R England opens terminal, adds 10 LNG trucks to fleets

Refrigerated carrier C R England celebrated the opening of a new terminal at 2250 South Riverside Avenue in Colton CA on June 11, 2014. Also announced at the event was the addition of 10 new LNG (liquefied natural gas) trucks to the company’s Southern California fleets.
This 34-acre facility is the second largest C R England facility nationwide and will feature these amenities:
•30,000-square-foot maintenance shop with eight service bays and a state-of-the-art truck wash.
•18,000 square feet dedicated to a Driver Resource Center including laundry, TV lounge, game room, exercise facility, and driver training facilities. Additional space is allocated to non-driver support staff office space, including operations for several key dedicated fleets.
•Parking for more than 250 tractors and 350 trailers.
•Parking for drivers and employees.
The ribbon-cutting event also featured the display of two of the 10 new Mack Pinnacle 12-liter LNG tractors being added to the Southern California fleets.
“C R England is a strong advocate of sustainable transportation and is aggressively implementing and testing new technology, equipment, and training to provide our customers and our environment with greener transportation,” said Zach England, chief operating officer. “Although there are still challenges with utilizing natural gas tractors in our fleets—such as equipment costs, maintenance, and degradation mpg—we have made the commitment to continually test this equipment and introduce them into strategic areas where the freight and fueling networks fit best.”
Advantages of natural gas include:
•Safe fuel option—It is non-toxic and disperses quickly.
•Environmentally friendly—It is the cleanest alternative transportation fuels available.
•Domestic—98% to 99% of the gas C R England uses comes from North America.
•Natural gas is abundant in North America.
•Twelve-liter is spark-ignited, not diesel-ignited, removing the need to have dual fuel, and removing the need to have diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).
•The 12-liter lighter than its 15-liter counterpart.
•As LNG technology has improved over time, C R England expects better maintenance results from the 12-liter.
In 2011, C R England introduced 15-liter LNG tractors into its fleet. Two years later, the firm introduced a compressed natural gas (CNG) fleet in Utah.
Attending the Colton ribbon-cutting were Zach England and Brandon Harrison, C R England COOs. Government and civic leaders included Colton Mayor Pro Tem Isaac T Suchil; Colton City Council members Susan Oliva, Frank Gonzales, and Frank Navarro; Ashley Jones, a representative of State Assembly member Cheryl R Brown; John Futch, field representative for San Bernardino County 3rd District Supervisor James Ramos; Interim Colton City Manager and Chief of Police Steve Ward; Colton Economic Development Manager Arthur Morgan; Laura Mancha, representing  San Bernardino County 5th District Supervisor Josie Gonzales; and Colton Chamber Executive Director Chetay Catalano. Also attending were customers, vendors, drivers, and employees of C R England.
Access www.crengland.com for further details.

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