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C R England receives SmartWay Excellence Award

C R England has been honored with a SmartWay Excellence Award from the US Environmental Protection Agency as a true industry leader in freight supply chain environmental performance and energy efficiency.
In the past year, C R England has enhanced or adopted additional strategies to improve fuel efficiency in its fleet. It has confirmed an mpg improvement of 0.07, saving 825,000 gallons of fuel and generating more than $3 million in cost savings. Commitments to the implementation of trailer tails, wheel covers, fuel coaching, and Idle Air technology have all contributed to energy efficiency improvement for the fleet.
“SmartWay has been a valuable and important resource for us,” said Dan England, chairman of C R England. “Through this partnership, we have realized our goal of placing a high priority on protecting the environment through decreasing fuel consumption, improving efficiency, and saving money. Our company is honored to again receive this award, and we would encourage others in the transportation industry to consider joining SmartWay.”
C R England was one of 44 carriers to receive this distinction, representing the best environmental performers of SmartWay’s nearly 3000 Partners.
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