C R England teams with Logistical Labs to offer intermodal solutions

C R England teams with Logistical Labs to offer intermodal solutions

Logistical Labs, a cloud-based supply chain software company, has partnered with refrigerated transportation provider C R England to offer door-to-door refrigerated intermodal booking through its analytics platform LoadDex.

By accessing C R England’s TempStack network directly from LoadDex, customers shipping refrigerated products get intermodal rates instantly without having to request a quote via phone call or email. The largest temperature-controlled intermodal service of its kind, TempStack provides the cost-savings, capacity and environmental benefits of rail transportation with the flexibility of short-haul trucks.

“Our partnership with C R England brings significant advantages to LoadDex users shipping perishable goods,” said Chris Lee, chief commercial officer at Logistical Labs. “The TempStack network offers substantial costs savings over temperature-controlled truckload rates, improved market awareness and more capacity options when the market gets tight.”

TempStack is the temperature-controlled intermodal network from C R England that offers cost savings, capacity and a reduced carbon footprint for perishable cargo. Its container-on-flatcar (COFC) technology double-stacks two high-volume reefer containers on a railroad flatcar.

LoadDex is a powerful platform for optimizing transportation across all modes. Shippers and logistics providers rely on this technology to simplify rating complexity, improve carrier selection and leverage data to make smarter decisions. Through the RailDex Intermodal Exchange, LoadDex customers get instant access to freight shipping options from top rail carriers and intermodal marketing companies (IMCs) that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.

“LoadDex makes it easy for shippers and 3PLs to discover the most efficient option when booking a shipment,” said Ricky Stover, vice-president of sales at C R England. “With the ability to compare our TempStack rail options alongside refrigerated truckload and LTL options, intermodal conversion is simplified.”

For more information, go to www.logisticallabs.com.

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