C R England using Manhattan product suite

Refrigerated truckload carrier C R England is reducing empty miles and improving resource utilization with systems within the Manhattan Carrier product suite from Manhattan Associates. The Driver&Load system matches specific C R England drivers to the best possible load, while Drop&Swap quickly identifies service, home-time, and utilization issues anywhere within the fleet and determines the optimal “swap”—managing drivers’ hours of service and time-at-home while ensuring on-time performance.

In addition, the company soon will be live with Load Analyzer, also part of Manhattan Carrier, which will allow C R England to respond to load requests and solicit freight based on current and future capacity.

“As fuel costs change in different markets across the country, Driver&Load enables us to adjust our deadhead decisionmaking based on those fuel cost changes, reducing empty miles,” said Ron Hall, director of business strategy for C R England. “This year, we’ve also improved our Scheduled MPH to help eliminate the slack time in our deliveries to customers, through effective use of Manhattan’s Drop&Swap utilization tools.”

Manhattan Carrier is designed to enable North American truckload motor carriers and private fleet operations to improve network balance and increase resource usage for maximum efficiency and profitability. By offering management and day-to-day analysis of information, motor carriers can make strategic decisions to overcome business challenges.

Visit www.crengland.com or www.manh.com for more information.

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