Catena Inc aims to satisfy cold chain needs

Business executive Alberto Marzan has founded Catena Inc to satisfy unmet needs in the $75 billion cold chain transportation marketplace. The new venture is based in Minneapolis MN, and Marzan will serve as chief executive officer and chairman of the company’s board of directors.
According to 2011 data from EPCglobal, perishable suppliers ship more than five billion pallets of chilled meats, seafood, cheese, produce, and temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and biomedical products valued at $2.6 trillion every year.
This cold chain transportation marketplace is fragmented, with many different information systems for tracking and monitoring perishable goods differing from one another. As a result, transportation providers have difficulty fulfilling delivery requirements, and suppliers cannot track their shipments properly. Annually, $35 billion worth of cold chain goods are discarded due to temperature loss and other compliance intrusions in the supply chain.
Catena’s technology enables those in the supply chain to have a synergistic, unified view of cold chain-shipped goods from point of origin to final destination. Users can:
•Increase cold chain optimization so perishable goods arrive at their destinations safer and more efficiently.
•Enhance product quality by reducing spoilage and loss.
•Reduce insurance costs, liability, and product loss.
•Boost customer satisfaction for producers by providing them peace of mind and visibility for their products.
•Ensure compliance to standards and provide an archive of monitoring data.
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