Cold Train opening new Chicago office

Cold Train, an express intermodal service for rail transport of perishable cargo including fresh produce and frozen foods, is opening a new office in downtown Chicago IL in 2013. This office will primarily focus on hauling more cargo and various products back from the Midwest and East Coast to Washington state and Oregon.

A unit of Rail Logistics LC, Cold Train recently tripled the size of its Quincy WA-based refrigerated container fleet and now has 300 state-of-the-art 53-foot Hyundai refrigerated containers.

As a result of the increase in the size of its container fleet, Cold Train is continuing to expand its service area to/from Quincy and is now serving these locations:
•Florida—northern and central areas including Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa Bay
•Georgia—southeastern and central areas including Atlanta
•Illinois—northern area including Chicago
•Indiana—northern and central areas including Indianapolis
•Maryland—northern area including Baltimore
•Massachusetts—central and eastern areas including Springfield and Boston
•Michigan—western and central areas
•New Jersey—northeastern area including Newark
•New York—western area including Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse; and southeastern area including Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx
•North Carolina—central area including Charlotte
•Ohio—various areas including Toledo, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland
•Pennsylvania—various areas including Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Allentown, and Philadelphia
•South Carolina—central area including Columbia
•Wisconsin—central and southern areas, including Milwaukee, Madison, and Stevens Point

Rail Logistics launched the Cold Train express intermodal service in partnership with Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway and the Port of Quincy in Washington state in 2010. Since the Cold Train service was launched, it has grown in popularity with shippers in Washington State and the Midwest and East Coast, and eastbound shipments of Washington state fresh produce and frozen foods on the Cold Train continue to grow at a fast pace.

Cold Train departs/arrives at the Port of Quincy Intermodal Terminal six days a week, and takes approximately four to five days between Washington state and the Midwest and about six to seven days between Washington state and the East Coast.

For more information, contact Steve Lawson of Rail Logistics–Cold Train at 509-731-4734.

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