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Covenant Transport Services is unveiled

Covenant Transport Services is the new public face of a collection of existing national carriers and logistics providers, including Covenant Transport and Covenant Transport Solutions, both of Chattanooga TN; Southern Refrigerated Transport (SRT) of Texarkana AR; and Star Transportation of Nashville TN.

The new group was officially launched at the group’s headquarters in Chattanooga TN recently.

According to Joey Hogan, president, the change puts the power of options and choice into shippers’ hands, creating opportunities for one-stop shopping.

“Some of our expedited customers may not be aware we also offer temperature-controlled and dedicated services,” Hogan said. “We’ve always been problem-solvers, so we see this as a natural progression of that mentality and mission to offer each customer the biggest bang for their buck.”

With the rollout, the group’s national enterprise sales team is able to offer a greater array of service and equipment to existing and potential shippers by representing enterprise-wide resources instead of service silos.

Under Covenant Transport Services, shippers now have access to:

•780 tractors for dedicated shipping

•700 tractors for temperature-controlled shipping

•1,050-plus tractors for expedited shipping

•Thousands of additional tractors through the group’s preferred partner carrier network

Meanwhile, group members Covenant Transport, Covenant Transport Solutions, SRT and Star Transportation will continue to operate independently, with their own facilities, equipment, staff and drivers, and will remain under common ownership.

The most notable changes will be felt by customers, who for the first time will have access to the complete range of the group’s resources and service offerings, unencumbered by segmenting.

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