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CRS Plus fully automates carrier registration process

Designed to fully automate the carrier onboarding process, CRS Plus from Registry Monitoring Insurance Services streamlines all necessary paperwork that must be completed by a carrier before shipment.

For most brokers and 3PLs, the paper pushing required to put a new carrier into service can take hours, sometimes days. CRS Plus can accomplish this process within minutes.

Online registration is completely customized to include a company’s specific business rules, including contract language with electronic signature and carrier profile information. The service includes an electronic W-9 capture, which is authenticated with the IRS database. CRS Plus also verifies insurance coverage and limits and provides all pertinent DOT information. A fully staffed customer service department is available to handle carriers that may require assistance.

Once registered through CRS Plus and attached to the RMIS database, a carrier’s insurance coverage and all safety ratings are continuously monitored. RMIS maintains up-to-the-minute information on carriers operating in the United States and Canada.

Not only does CRS Plus reduce paperwork processing time, but it also provides an important layer of defense against negligent selection. Courts have proven that all parties involved in transportation of goods can be liable in any type of accident. CRS Plus provides an extra step in screening of all potential carriers, and it provides an ongoing stream of information with regard to safety and insurability concerns for carriers.

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