Cryoport to support ProteoGenex shipping

Cryoport Inc (NASDAQ: CYRX) is providing cryogenic logistics solutions that support ProteoGenex Inc’s shipping of biological specimens. These include PBMCs, BMMCs, frozen tissue, OCT-embedded tissue, blood serum, blood plasma, whole blood, RNA/DNA, and other bio-fluids.

ProteoGenex provides the procurement and distribution of biological materials for the biomedical research community, which encompasses biotechnology, pharmaceutical, government, and academic research organizations. It will use Cryoport’s cryogenic logistics solutions for the movement of biologic materials globally from its biorepository to researchers for clinical study and biological research support.

“Cryoport is working with ProteoGenex’s biological specimen business to make the transition from cold chain shipping using dry ice to Cryoport’s cryogenic logistics solutions, which virtually eliminates the risk of degradation during transport through the use of our dry vapor shippers,” said Jerrell Shelton, chief executive officer of Cryoport. “As a result, Cryoport is providing ProteoGenex with a more stable, reliable, and cost-effective approach to frozen transportation for its high-value frozen life sciences materials and products.”

Marina Prilutskaya, head of operations for ProteoGenex, said, “We have chosen to implement Cryoport’s advanced cryogenic logistics solutions because of Cryoport’s longstanding cold chain logistics expertise and proven ability to manage the challenges of transporting valuable, temperature-sensitive cryogenically frozen materials. Cryoport’s solutions offer a safer, more effective, and consistent way to transport our biological specimens that will ultimately prevent degradation or loss of our product. By utilizing Cryoport’s reusable shippers we will reduce our use of consumable dry ice shipping materials and many of our clients will save over 50% on shipping and handling costs.”

With strategically placed depots in Europe, Asia, and North America, Cryoport can support cryogenic logistics solutions in more than 90 nations. Its cold chain logistics solutions monitor temperatures and record the location of packages throughout the entire logistics process. Cryoport claims to be the only cryogenic logistics company in the life sciences industry to provide comprehensive “chain of condition” and “chain of custody” reporting.

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