Cryoport supports Tissue Solutions logistics

Cryoport Inc (NASDAQ: CYRX, CYRXW) announced that its cryogenic logistics solutions are supporting Tissue Solutions as it transports products from its global network of more than 100 locations.

Tissue Solutions is a supplier of human bio specimens to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries worldwide, specializing in the supply of quality, ethically sourced human tissue and biofluids for clinical trial programs.

The company is using Cryoport’s logistics management platform, proprietary Cryoport Express dry vapor dewars, and advanced Smart Pak II condition monitoring systems to ship isolated human cells and cryopreserved cell lines from international collection sites to clients worldwide. The Smart Pak II Condition Monitoring System is engineered to work in tandem with Cryoport’s data management platform, the Cryoportal, which provides automated alerts of changes in required conditions, including deviations from estimated transit times, temperature excursions, potential temperature excursions, as well as shipper condition and openings.

Cryoport’s custom end-to-end solutions provide Tissue Solutions’ cell lines with an advanced cryogenic logistics solution, including constant monitoring during the entire logistics process.

Morag McFarlane, chief executive officer of Tissue Solutions,  said, “We use Cryoport to ship isolated human cells and cryopreserved cell lines, including PBMCs and other immune cell subsets. Shipping at cryogenic temperatures with Cryoport’s solution offers our clients the best option to minimize temperature fluctuations, which can have a detrimental impact on cell integrity. Also, Cryoport’s custom solutions significantly broaden our reach and the number of sites we can offer to our clients. Further, it affords our clients the option to select samples based on a wide range of specific donor demographic characteristics or screen multiple lots to find the sample that works best for their research, ensuring they get the specific samples they need and are not restricted geographically.”

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