Decker Truck Line honors first Grand Champion Driver

Decker Truck Line honors first Grand Champion Driver

Arthur Clubb of Missoula MT has been recognized as Decker Truck Line Inc’s 2016 “Grand Champion Professional Driver of the Year” during a special ceremony in Fort Dodge IA recently. This is the first time the company has presented the award, which Clubb received for his driving accomplishments in 2016.

Clubb, who has driven for the company for four years, was one of four previously named professional driver finalists eligible for this award. In 2016, he drove 156,365 miles and successfully delivered 121 loads. Clubb was honored for his outstanding work as a part of the awards ceremony, which was held in front of friends, family and co-workers at company headquarters.

Arthur Clubb aboard his new ride.

Decker Truck Line’s Don Decker, president and CEO, and Todd Smith, chief operating officer, presided over the ceremony and presented Clubb with a plaque, as well as the keys to a brand new 2016 Harley Davidson motorcycle.

“Driving a truck for a living can be a challenging, time-consuming endeavor,” said Don Decker. “All of our professional drivers play an important role in our company’s success, so awarding Art with this honor is really a tribute to all Decker professional drivers and the excellent service they provide our customers nationwide.”

Clubb represents the company’s Western Reefer Division, which is based in Missoula. He is also a US Air Force veteran and has been driving trucks for more than 27 years, including time spent getting started as a driver in Alaska.

“It’s pretty cool to be recognized as the first Grand Champion Professional Driver of the Year,” said Clubb. “When you take pride in what you do and are good at what you do, good things happen. I’m proud to be part of an outstanding company that has great respect for its professional drivers and has people who care throughout the organization.”

The Grand Champion Professional Driver of the Year is selected by company executives, who review driver scorecards based on a number of benchmarks, metrics and key performance indicators (KPI). These KPI measurements include: idle time, service failures, miles per gallon, claims and damages, preventable accidents, weekly revenue, miles per week, and compliance, safety and accountability (CSA) points. The overall winner is one of four professional drivers previously recognized as “Driver of the Year” in their respective divisions.

The other three division winners and finalists for the top 2016 award were: Sheldon McAfee, Midwest Reefer Division; John Hodges, Flatbed Division; and Jerry Schad, owner/operator. Each of these drivers received $5,000 for their service and representation of Decker Truck Line.

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