DHL again helps US troops enjoy “slices of home”

A slice of American pie—pizza pie, that is—will reach nearly 10,000 troops serving in Afghanistan in honor of America’s Independence Day and their service to the United States.
This Fourth of July, DHL Express, Rich Products Corp, and Pizzas 4 Patriots are taking Independence Day celebrations abroad to US servicemen and women overseas. With a special delivery of 5,500 pizza pies, troops in the furthest operating bases in Afghanistan as well as Kuwait will get a taste of home and a reminder of how much their service and patriotism is appreciated.
Pizzas 4 Patriots, a Chicago IL-based non-profit organization, was created in 2008 when Retired Master Sergeant Mark Evans and his son, Kent, had the idea to deliver freshly frozen pizzas to US troops serving abroad to show appreciation for the troops’ service. Since Pizzas 4 Patriots began working with international shipping specialist DHL Express, Evans and his son have been able to deliver more than one million “slices of home” to US servicemen and women worldwide.
“It’s a huge endeavor, but when I see the looks on the faces of our men and women in combat who received these care packages in the past, I know it was well worth the effort,” said Retired Master Sergeant Evans, founder of Pizzas 4 Patriots.
The meals will be provided this year by Rich, a leading pizza supplier to the foodservice industry. DHL Express is donating the staff, infrastructure, and resources of its global express delivery network to fulfill this Independence Day mission. Given the scorching Middle East summer heat, the international shipping specialists will work against the clock to ensure the perishable care packages are delivered fresh and in perfect condition. DHL personnel will load the perishable pies onto direct US flights to the Middle East, re-icing the packages along the route and tracking the shipments every step of the way.
In addition to transportation, tracking and logistics management, DHL Express will work closely with the US military to provide final, door-to-door delivery at military bases. The pizza will be distributed to various forward operating bases in Afghanistan.
Since 2008, DHL has worked with Pizzas 4 Patriots to send more than 155,500 pizzas to US military personnel overseas.
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