Diamond adds new reefer shipping options

Diamond Transportation is a family-owned business based in California that has been providing shipping services to local business customers since 2004. It offers a range of shipping and logistics services, and it recently announced new refrigerated shipping options to better meet clients’ needs.
Through Diamond, local businesses can request affordable, nationwide shipping services with a refrigerated component, and these services are designed to ensure that goods reach the marketplace in quality condition. A range of goods may require refrigerated shipping solutions, ranging from perishable items such as produce to electronics. When some types of goods reach a high temperature, they can become damaged, but companies can rest assured that the refrigerated shipping solutions available through Diamond provide an effective solution. Inventory will stay fresh, and shipments are delivered in great condition and in a timely manner.
Refrigerated shipping services are one of several types of shipping services available through Diamond. The company offers 24-hour customer service with a live representative answering the phone to ensure customer needs are met. It strives to be a true partner to its clients and provides highly competitive rates for its services. Through Diamond, businesses will have access to dry goods shipping solutions with full-load and less-than-full-load options available. In addition, services such as warehousing, short-term storage, cross-docking, and consolidation are also offered. Services offered by Diamond are provided nationwide.
To learn more, call 877-728-5244.

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