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East Coast Transport is selected as Butterball's Carrier of the Year for 2015

East Coast Transport is selected as Butterball's Carrier of the Year for 2015

Butterball LLC has named East Coast Transport LLC as the Butterball Carrier of the Year for 2015. Paulsboro NJ-based ECT has been serving Butterball as a valued partner since 2008, and received this award in 2010 as well.

In 2015, ECT hauled more than 3,200 truckloads over the course of the year, mostly out of the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions. ECT is a core carrier for Butterball and a leader in the transportation industry.

From left: Dan Bohlman, Butterball LLC senior manager–logistics procurement; Mannie Bueno, East Coast Transport LLC vice-president of operations; Paul Berman, ECT vice-president of logistics; and Dan DiGrazio, Butterball senior director of logistics.

Butterball, based in Garner NC, created the Carrier of the Year award to honor the works of a crucial link in the supply chain that supports the company’s market plan.

Each year, Butterball recognizes the accomplishments of the carrier that best supports its strategic initiative of achieving operational excellence. The logistics team then submits a scorecard ranking for each of the company’s carriers, which is supported by the company’s internal Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

The carriers will be judged on a 10-point scale in these five key performance indicators of business:

1. Service—On-time delivery, on-time pickup, carrier tender compliance (accept vs reject/withdraw ratio).

2. Communication—Does carrier communicate service failures ahead of time? How is the carrier’s communication during appointment process? What is the carrier’s responsiveness to phone calls/e-mails?

3. Flexibility—Does the carrier help recover shipments with short lead time? Does the carrier’s capacity surge in line with our needs? Does the carrier offer drop trailers? Does the carrier respond well to special requests?

4. Value—Is the carrier priced competitively? How receptive or negotiable is the carrier to pricing adjustments? Does the carrier charge full accessorial (layover, detention) or are they only charging in extreme circumstances? Is the carrier providing an overall value to Butterball?

5. Administrative—Does the carrier invoice accurately? Is information entered into the TMS timely and accurately? Are freight claims addressed promptly?

ECT exceeded all expectations and continues to be a valuable partner with Butterball.

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