FECR intermodal rail facility benefits Seaboard Marine

FECR intermodal rail facility benefits Seaboard Marine

The recent launch of the new Florida East Coast Railway (FECR) on-dock intermodal rail facility at PortMiami is enabling Seaboard Marine, an ocean transportation provider, to handle cargo more efficiently and better meet the needs of its customers.
By using FECR’s on-dock intermodal rail at PortMiami, Seaboard Marine can seamlessly transfer cargo between ship and rail.
“The location of the new PortMiami Intermodal Container Transfer Facility is near our marine terminal, and although we have only been using the on-dock intermodal rail for a few weeks, it is resulting in improved cargo handling,” said Edward Gonzalez, president and chief executive officer of Seaboard Marine.
Seaboard Marine has a fleet of more than 25 vessels and nearly 50,000 refrigerated, dry, and specialized containers to support direct service between the United States and major ports of call throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.
The company provides fixed-day schedules that make it convenient for customers to coordinate manufacturing schedules and maintain inventories at cost-efficient levels. This level of service means that all of Seaboard Marine’s service providers must be reliable and committed to on-time performance.
FECR’s on-dock intermodal rail facility at PortMiami is the next step in the company’s ongoing efforts to promote multi-modal shipping and support global trade into and out of South Florida.
“FECR is committed to providing innovative solutions that support the efficient and reliable flow of goods. Our strategic partnership with PortMiami and Seaboard Marine offers supply chain enhancements, and everyone benefits from reduced carbon emissions and less congestion on the nation’s highways,” said James R Hertwig, president and CEO of FECR.
Established in 1983, Seaboard Marine is an ocean transportation company that provides direct, regular service between the United States and the Caribbean Basin, and Central and South America. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Seaboard Corporation, the company serves 40 ports. For more information, access www.seaboardmarine.com.
A 351-mile freight rail line along the east coast of Florida, FECR is the exclusive rail provider for Port Miami, Port Everglades, and Port of Palm Beach. It connects to the national railroad network in Jacksonville FL and provides carload and door-to-door intermodal solutions across North America. For more details, go to www.fecrwy.com.

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