FedEx offers Deep Frozen Shipping Solution

FedEx offers Deep Frozen Shipping Solution

FedEx Corporation (NYSE: FDX) has launched FedEx Deep Frozen Shipping Solution, which offers an end-to-end service for shipping temperature-sensitive healthcare products around the world. The new offering is a component of the broader FedEx HealthCare Solutions portfolio of services for customers in the life sciences and biopharma industries.

The service uses liquid nitrogen dry vapor technology that maintains a temperature of below –150° C for up to 10 days using the CryoPort Express Dry Shipper. Unlike dry ice, this technology is classified as non-hazardous, which eliminates complexities associated with being classified as dangerous goods. In addition, the overall process is simple. Customers place orders online through a customized FedEx portal. FedEx provides the pre-conditioned container to the customer to load their temperature-sensitive product. FedEx then delivers the container to its final destination while actively monitoring the shipment and intervening if needed during transit. Finally, FedEx picks up the container and returns it for refurbishing.

Customers involved with clinical trials, diagnostics, biotechnology, or manufacturing of pharmaceuticals will benefit from the system with these features and benefits:

•Up to 10 days of holding time (<–150°) to support complex international moves

•Elimination of dry ice, removing the need to re-ice shipments or purchase, inventory, or manage insulated boxes

•No need to train personnel to handle hazardous materials

•Reduced environmental impact since the non-dangerous goods container is recycled and liquid nitrogen evaporates harmlessly

•Proactive monitoring and intervention from origin to destination, providing visibility to the shipments via the FedEx Priority Alert service

The FedEx Deep Frozen Shipping Solution is classified under the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as a non-hazardous dry shipper and meets requirements to handle both infectious substances (UN3373) and non-infectious clinical samples.

To learn more about the FedEx Deep Frozen Shipping Solution, call 1-800-GoFedEx 1-800-463-3339.

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