FFE plans to implement SkyBitz system

SkyBitz announced that FFE Transportation Services Inc. has chosen the American Eagle fleet as its launch pad for implementing the SkyBitz system. FFE is a motor carrier specializing in core offerings of temperature-controlled transport of products and perishable goods.

The SkyBitz integrated system increases business value for its customers by providing more efficient asset utilization, total load visibility, improved logistics process and inventory management, and cargo security. SkyBitz enables information and asset management services without using an embedded GPS chipset. FFE will also be able to manage its fleet through the SkyBitz Customer InSight Web application to help drive operational efficiencies. This proprietary feature-enriched SkyBitz application will enable FFE to view assets in real-time and run customizable management and operational reports for each vehicle in the fleet.

The SkyBitz patented suite, including Cargo Sensor, Tractor/Trailer ID, and the new Reefer Control Solution along with the SkyBitz InSight Web application improves supply chain visibility and provides efficient streamlined tools for fleet owners to effectively manage their assets. More than 550 fleets throughout North America now rely on the patented SkyBitz GLS technology to track in excess of 150,000 mobile assets.

Access www.skybitz.com for more details.

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