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Fleet hiring capability might constrain driver supply: report

For fleets needing additional drivers, the constraint will be in their ability to hire and train prospects from the available labor pool, according to FTR Associates’ Driver Supply Update for May 2010.

The report shows that while there are sufficient numbers of experienced drivers looking for work, the fleets have pared down their hiring and training departments so severely during the recent downturn that most will be challenged to process a sufficient number of drivers to fill previously parked trucks. FTR estimates the industry’s hiring ability has been cut by one-third.

The Driver Supply Update consolidates and reports data affecting driver supply and is part of FTR’s Freight Focus Series, a new suite of data and business strategy-orientated publications. Also available in this series are the Trucking Update, Intermodal Update, Rail Update, and soon-to-be-launched Shippers Update.

For more details, contact FTR at 888-988-1699, ext 45.

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