Fuel on the Fly lets carriers adjust costs

New from Transportation Costing Group (TCG), specialists in activity-based profitability and cost analysis for the transportation industry, is the latest enhancement for its Cost Information System (CIS), Fuel on the Fly. This new capability allows motor carriers to adjust fuel costs to reflect specific price levels, enhancing the ability to analyze freight profitability.

Each time freight is costed with the interactive CIS, the program displays the base fuel price reflected in the selected cost model and a field for a current price. For each analysis, the user can enter a new, current, or projected fuel price in conjunction with a current or projected fuel surcharge to evaluate exposure to higher fuel prices. The system will then calculate an adjustment for fuel costs on the base and current prices and apply it to the fuel component of Linehaul and Local P&D costs to reflect the same fuel price that the fuel surcharge represents.

The new cost results reports generated include a Fuel Adjusted By label with percent adjustment and base and current prices.

The Fuel on the Fly feature is provided, free of charge, to all CIS users.

Access www.tcgcis.com for full details.

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