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GE Capital Fleet Services launches advisory board

GE Capital Fleet Services launches advisory board

GE Capital Fleet Services has announced the launch of its Truck Advisory Board (TAB). The TAB will provide the company’s truck fleet customers with a forum for discussing process improvement ideas, suggesting new products, and sharing fleet management best practices.

In 1990, GE Capital Fleet Services established the industry’s first Client Advisory Board (CAB) to better understand and meet customer needs. Since then, the CAB has expanded to include topic-specific boards, such as the Technology CAB and now the TAB.

“The Truck Advisory Board will allow us to work closely with customers as we set the strategic course for our truck services programs,” said John Righini, chief marketing officer, GE Capital Fleet Services. “Throughout the years, our advisory boards have benefited customers through improved fleet programs and communications, and we look forward to continued strong participation and information sharing.”

GE Capital Fleet Services team members will meet with the TAB members quarterly to discuss new products, product extensions, opportunities for improvement, and industry changes and their impact. The first meeting will take place March 10 in St Louis MO in conjunction with the National Truck Equipment Association’s annual conference.

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