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Georgia Ports Authority Mega Rail Terminal Georgia Ports Authority/Stephen B Morton
When complete, GPA’s Mega Rail Terminal will double rail lift capacity to 1 million containers per year, reach new markets and reduce impact on the local community.

Georgia Ports Authority approves projects to expand rail, gate capacity

On the heels of reporting 32% growth in containerized trade for October 2017—an all-time record for Savannah—the Georgia Ports Authority approved rail and gate expansion projects that will significantly increase capacity at GPA’s Garden City Terminal, the single largest container terminal in all of North America.

“A strong Southeast US economy, on-terminal expansion and investment by private logistics firms throughout the region have resulted in phenomenal growth for Georgia,” said Executive Director Griff Lynch. “But these record volumes could not have been possible without the tireless dedication of the men and women responsible for moving this cargo. From the GPA and the International Longshoreman Association, to the stevedores and logistics community, thank you for a job well done.”

In addition to record container volumes, Lynch reported to the GPA board that total tonnage for all terminals climbed by 25%, from 2.6 million to 3.2 million tons, for an additional 661,290 tons of cargo. Breakbulk tonnage also increased by 14.7%, signifying the growing strength of construction and manufacturing in the US Southeast, he said.

The board recently approved expenditures of $42.27 million as part of GPA’s $128 million Mega Rail Terminal. This project will not only expand the Port of Savannah’s on-dock rail capacity by 100%, but also position Savannah to rapidly increase service to an arc of inland markets from Memphis to Chicago. A total of $90.7 million has been allocated to the project thus far. Construction is slated to begin in December 2017 and be completed by the end of 2020.

The board also approved a $13.2 million project to expand the existing Gate 8 at Garden City Terminal. The addition will help the GPA seamlessly absorb future growth and offer a better link to the Jimmy Deloach Parkway, which provides a direct truck route to Interstate 95. The project will expand the terminal’s gate infrastructure by 12.5% for a total of 54 truck lanes.

Georgia’s deepwater ports and inland barge terminals support more than 370,000 jobs throughout the state annually and contribute $20.4 billion in income, $84.1 billion in revenue and $2.3 billion in state and local taxes to Georgia’s economy. The Port of Savannah handled 8.5% of US containerized cargo volume and 10% of all US containerized exports in FY2017.

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