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Greatwide cuts fleet collision rate

Greatwide Logistics Services, a provider of third-party logistics services, has announced continued improvement in safety performance results. Since 2006, Greatwide has reduced its collisions per million miles by 26% companywide.

The company’s Dedicated Transport business unit alone reduced its Department of Transportation (DOT) collision frequency rate by 35% during the same time period. Greatwide attributes these achievements to its safety education and training programs for drivers and management.

Transportation companies typically establish their own safety performance tracking systems. Greatwide monitors and tracks safety performance at a rigorous level, defining a collision as any instance when a truck makes inadvertent contact with another vehicle or object, regardless of damage.

The industry also recognizes DOT safety standards, which define a reportable collision as an occurrence that renders a vehicle inoperable or causes an injury requiring immediate medical assistance away from the scene. Under these guidelines, Greatwide’s collision frequency rate from 2006 to 2009 was 0.65 for every one million miles driven. According to DOT standards, a carrier is operating safely when its collision frequency rate is less than 1.50 per million miles driven.

The company recognizes and rewards drivers through its driver of the month and driver of the year programs and its Mileage Milestone Awards. Drivers benefit from monthly safety training programs and access to tools such as the Smith System defensive driving program. Through weekly performance reports and a monthly scorecard call between members of the safety team, there is both visibility and accountability at all levels of the organization.

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