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Greatwide honors its ‘safety superstars’

As part of Greatwide Dedicated Transport’s ongoing commitment to rewarding and encouraging safe driving, the company recently invited its top 32 capacity providers and their spouses to a north Texas resort for Greatwide’s first Driver of the Year recognition event. Paul Hodgson of McCarran NV was named Owner-Operator of the Year, and Mark Gill of Newark CA was named Company Driver of the Year.

Before the award ceremony, drivers and their spouses were invited to enjoy activities including spa treatments, golfing, horseback riding, shooting at a local firing range, fishing, and a tour of the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas.

Nominees were selected from among Greatwide Dedicated’s 4,000 capacity providers, and must have been recognized as a driver of the month during the previous 12-month period. Nominees were evaluated based on their safe driving history, total number of years driving, as well as nomination letters from Greatwide management and customers. Collectively the 32 nominees represented 992 years of driving experience and have driven more than 70 million safe miles.

Winners of the two awards were given a Caribbean cruise, a week’s pay, and a Driver of the Year ring. All nominees received a jacket, a fleece blanket, a Wenger watch, and a Greatwide model truck.

"These guys are our safety superstars, so it obviously makes sense to make a big deal about an event like this," said Jeff Lester, chief risk officer for Greatwide.

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