Groupe Trans-West will deploy AeroKit system across its entire fleet

Groupe Trans-West will deploy AeroKit system across its entire fleet

FlowBelow Aero Inc, a provider of tractor-mounted aerodynamic products, announced that Groupe Trans-West will be the first Canadian fleet to deploy its fuel-saving Tractor AeroKit System across its entire fleet of 180 tractors.

As part of its evaluation, the Quebec-based truckload carrier conducted independent, third-party fuel efficiency testing through Canada’s PIT Group, a transportation technology testing organization.

“For any fuel-saving technology that we consider, we first look to see if the device has been tested by the PIT Group,” said André Boisvert, vice-president of technology and development at Trans-West. “Since the group had not tested the device before, we coordinated with them to run the test. We were pleasantly surprised when the fuel savings results from the third-party testing we did were aligned with the fuel savings that FlowBelow claimed—which helped to make the decision to retrofit our entire fleet an easy one.”

Trans-West also conducted real-world fuel and durability testing of the AeroKit on 20 tractors over a one-year period to confirm the AeroKit’s ability to perform through Canada’s harsh winter climate and to ensure there were no problems with chains, snow, and ice.  Based on the fleetwide adoption of the Tractor AeroKit, Trans-West is expected to save up to 100,000 gallons of diesel per year.

The carrier’s tractors and trailers are equipped with FlowBelow Tractor AeroKit Systems, APUs, fuel tank fairings, low rolling resistance tires, trailer side skirts, TrailerTails, and automatic tire pressure systems. The company also uses driver speed caps to maximize fuel efficiency.

Trans-West is a SmartWay Transport Partner that operates highly efficient trucks and trailers. The SmartWay partnership has added an Affiliates team committed to promoting SmartWay in freight transportation. Affiliates are organizations that encourage members or customers to register in the SmartWay partnership. According to this website:

Four types of organizations are eligible to become SmartWay Affiliates:

•Non-Profits are trade and professional associations; membership, nongovernmental organizations; academic institutions and governmental agencies that educate their constituents about the SmartWay program.

•Truck/Trailer Dealerships promote and sell EPA-designated SmartWay Tractors or Trailers and SmartWay-verified technologies.

•Leasing companies promote and lease SmartWay-designated vehicles, tractors or trailers to dealerships and/or multiple franchises.

•Truck stops/travel plazas educate customers about ways to reduce long duration idling.

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“Groupe Trans-West is an award-winning Canadian fleet and industry leader in fuel efficiency and technology adoption,” said Josh Butler, president of FlowBelow Aero Inc. “We look forward to expanding our presence in Canada and project that widespread adoption of the FlowBelow Tractor AeroKit would save the Canadian trucking industry over 100 million gallons of fuel over the next decade.”

Trans-West operates a fleet of 180 tractors and 450 trailers that primarily hauls food products from the western and southern United States to eastern Canada, totaling more than 35 million miles per year. See for further information.

FlowBelow is a Texas-based aerodynamics company founded by mechanical and aerospace engineers Josh Butler and Kyle Walker. Go to to obtain more information.

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