HTAA provides driver wellness platform

The Healthy Trucking Association of America (HTAA) has launched the HTAA Driver Vitality Program, a universal personal health and wellness management tool that all drivers can use to improve and maintain their health.

The HTAA has partnered with a corporate wellness company, The Vitality Group, to develop this program for the trucking industry. Incorporation of The Vitality Group’s wellness system makes the HTAA Driver Vitality Program actuarially proven to work on large groups of employees over long periods of time. The HTAA Driver Vitality Program addresses all ailments that affect the trucking industry. Whether a driver is suffering from obesity, diabetes, respiratory illnesses, hypertension, or a variety of other illnesses, the HTAA Vitality Program will identify problems that need to be addressed, lay out a pathway for the driver to follow, provide resources, and then reward the driver for his or her efforts.

Visit or for more information.

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