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Infinity Transportation Logistics reefer intermodal container PRNewsfoto/Infinity Transportation Logistics
ITL's new next-generation domestic refrigerated intermodal container.

Infinity Transportation Logistics plans to more than double its fleet

Infinity Transportation Logistics LLC (ITL) is adding new next-generation domestic refrigerated intermodal containers to its fleet beginning in autumn 2018 to create new capacity and density in various lanes from/to Washington state and Oregon. This acquisition of new intermodal containers, which will occur over the next several months, will more than double ITL’s current fleet.

This next-generation equipment will have space for as many as thirty 40" x 48" pallets and will be able to haul up to 44,000 lbs.

With the equipment acquisition(s) this autumn and in 2019, and increasing demand in its temperature-controlled intermodal business, ITL is adding staff to its Kansas City office. To accommodate the growth in staff, containers and demand, ITL also recently built-out new office space at Crown Center in Kansas City. Moreover, ITL has offices in Georgia and Washington state.

“Continuing our path of organic growth, we are making significant capital investments in equipment, staff and new office space to match the significant growth opportunities in and out of the Pacific Northwest,” said Steve Lawson, chief commercial officer of Infinity. “We remain fully committed to Washington state and Oregon shippers and receivers and will focus much of these additional resources to reaching the Texas and Southeast markets to and from our commercial base in the Pacific Northwest.”

ITL currently offers its Washington state and Oregon shippers access to nearly two-thirds of the US population, providing temp-controlled door-to-door domestic intermodal service from/to WA and OR to/from various Midwest, Texas and East Coast destinations or locations.

The firm’s expedited door-to-door domestic intermodal temperature-controlled service departs from/returns to intermodal ramps in Spokane WA, Portland OR and Seattle WA six days per week. ITL has a service radius of about 160 miles from/to intermodal ramps in Spokane, Portland and Seattle, and can pick up/drop off product in many parts of Washington state, and in northern and central Oregon.

Door-to-door transit times (from/to Washington state and Oregon) are four to five days to/from the Midwest, five to six days to/from Texas, and six to seven days to/from various destinations on the East Coast, which is nearly as fast as long-haul trucks.

ITL uses its state-of-the-art domestic 53-foot refrigerated containers to move frozen foods and fresh produce and other temp-controlled/perishable products eastbound from Washington state and Oregon to the Midwest, Texas and the East Coast, while for westbound return service to Washington state and Oregon, it hauls various frozen, refrigerated and temperature-controlled products, and also dry products.

To promote this news, ITL representatives will be attending the upcoming IANA Intermodal Expo from September 15-18, 2018 in Long Beach CA and PMA’s Fresh Summit from October 18-20 in Orlando FL.

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