INTTRA, Descartes form alliance

INTTRA, a provider of e-commerce systems for the ocean freight industry, and The Descartes Systems Group Inc announced an alliance to improve international ocean shipping processes and capabilities. This alliance provides a global network capable of managing the entire ocean cargo shipment lifecycle.

Descartes provides a suite of supply chain execution and compliance services to the international trade community powered by the multi-modal Global Logistics Network. INTTRA provides access to a large network of ocean container freight carriers and enables shippers of all types to manage bookings and shipping instructions with any carrier on the network through an accepted standard business process.

Users of the Global Logistics Network can now electronically manage the entire ocean cargo shipment lifecycle, including connectivity to a broader community of carriers to submit bookings as well as contract and rate management, visibility to shipment status, electronic document exchange, and submission and management of customs filings. Members of the federated INTTRA and Descartes community can benefit from streamlined and standardized ocean shipping processes, increased visibility, and faster time-to-value for all parties within the ocean community.

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