Iron Apple training registration sets record

With less than 90 working days before the FSMA/STF enforcement date of April 7, 2017, Iron Apple has experienced record registration for its web-based training.

It’s clear that shippers, carriers, brokers and processors are taking the upcoming deadlines seriously. The innovative, modern online training course was developed specifically to meet the changing needs of the food transportation industry, and it’s clear from the response that the program is meeting a massive industrywide need.

“We are getting daily inquiries from shippers, processors, brokers and carriers who are looking for immediate access to the training,” said Hugh Latimer, chief operating officer of Iron Apple International.

After experiencing the training for herself, Jill Maschmeier of National Carriers said, “National Carriers chose Iron Apple after doing much research into the FSMA regulations and other food safety. We felt that Iron Apple is definitely the leader in food safety training and certification, specifically for the transportation industry … the web-based training component really streamlines all of in-house processes; all staff can be easily trained no matter what location they are in.”

Having the technology and convenient online access is a game-changer in an industry that hasn’t experienced change for many years. Iron Apple’s innovative software is switching things up, and delivering huge value to its clients and the entire transportation industry.

Iron Apple ( is a leading supplier of professional food safety support to companies involved in transportation of food products throughout North America. It is the first firm to develop a national Preventive Controls/HACCP program for distribution centers and warehouses. The food safety program that simplified compliance with these new Canadian and US regulations has been in development and testing for the past three years.

Access for more information on this food safety training program for carriers.

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