IRTA elects new leaders

IRTA elects new leaders

New officers and directors of the International Refrigerated Transportation Association (IRTA) were recently elected by the group’s membership.

Andrew Janson (Hanson Logistics) was re-elected as 2010-2011 chairman of IRTA. John Williamson (E L Johnson’s Sons and Mowat) was elected vice-chairman, and Chris Mnichowski (Rail Logistics) was elected treasurer.

Other members of the IRTA board of directors elected include:

•Wayne Benson, Ingersoll Rand (re-elected)

•Greg Bryan, AmeriCold Logistics LLC (filling unexpired term)

•Stephen J Galati, Mattioni Ltd (re-elected)

•Jim Gray, K & J Trucking

•John Langeveld, JNJ Global Logistics (re-elected)

•Todd Lanter, Henningsen Transportation Service

•Charlie Myers, England Logistics Inc

•Bill Sanford, Howell’s Motor Freight Inc

•Peter Skoufalos, Brown Gavalas & Fromm LLP (re-elected)

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