IRTA elects new leadership

Chris Mnichowski

New officers and board members of the International Refrigerated Transportation Association (IRTA) were recently elected.
Chris Mnichowski, president and chief executive officer of CTI Freight Systems Inc, was elected as the 2013-2014 chairman of the IRTA board of directors.
Jim Gray (K&J Trucking) was elected vice-chairman and Matt Luckas (Hanson Logistics) was elected treasurer.
Newly elected members of the IRTA board of directors include: Jeremy Dailami (England Logistics), Dan Egan (Mode Cold), Robert Fay (Seminole Rail), and John Hickerson (FFE Transportation).
These members were re-elected to serve an additional term on the board: Steve Galati (Mattioni Ltd), Todd Lanter (Henningsen Transportation Services), and Peter Skoufalos (Brown, Gavalas, & Fromm).
Established in 1994, IRTA is an international, non-profit organization serving the refrigerated transportation industry. IRTA is a Core Partner of the Global Cold Chain Alliance, which represents all major industries engaged in temperature-controlled logistics.

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