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IT analyst finds second career at Prime

In 2009, Edwin Peig found himself facing a situation that’s become fairly common in recent years; he lost his job as an IT analyst for JPMorgan Chase Bank because of downsizing.

The United States experienced a rollercoaster economy in 2011 with a wild ride on Wall Street according to ABC News. In 2011, 104 trading days saw the Dow rise or fall by triple digits. That type of volatility has not been seen since 2008. Although the economy is slowly recovering and the national unemployment rate is at a three-year low, many people have begun to question what the future looks like for their careers.

Making a decision about his next step was a struggle for Peig. It wasn’t until his son asked him to consider what might make him truly happy that Peig felt a pull to completely change careers and try something new—this time as a professional driver for transportation leader Prime Inc. A simple website visit to began Peig’s journey into his second career.

“I was mid-life, making a drastic career change, and I was terrified but determined,” said Peig. “Looking back, getting laid off was the best thing that could have happened to me. I was forced to evaluate my life, and it brought me to Prime.”

Peig’s decision to begin a second career is not uncommon in today’s market. While some businesses are still cutting down their workforce, jobs in the service industries have increased significantly over the past year, according to Bloomberg News. In January 2012, more than 162,000 jobs at various service-providers were added to the market, primarily in retail, transportation, and leisure and hospitality. The US Department of Labor lists truck drivers as one of the occupations with the most growth potential between 2010 and 2020, predicting a 20.6% demand for truck drivers over the 10-year period with projections of almost two million drivers needed in 2020.

Since Peig joined the team at Prime in 2009, he’s never looked back. The job allows him to maintain a steady income of near $60,000 annually, but still enjoy spending time with his family. He has also experienced traveling the country and witnessing landmarks first-hand.

Working for Prime has also allowed Peig to pursue several opportunities for growth, including using his passion for teaching and natural leadership skills as a driver instructor and trainer for the company.

“I see the same fear in the students I train that I had when I first came here,” said Peig. “This is an amazing opportunity with Prime—to be entrusted with their students, trusting that I will uphold their company standards and good name.”

Those interested in starting a driving career with Prime can visit or call 800-511-5663.

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