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J B Hunt signs agreement with SleepSafe Drivers

J B Hunt Transport Services Inc (NASDAQ–JBHT) has signed a multi-year agreement to make SleepSafe Drivers Inc’s On-Site Diagnostic Ambulatory testing and Sure Compliance treatment programs available to the carrier’s drivers.

“We have documented significant improvement in the retention of drivers working with SleepSafe Drivers, with 86% still employed and successful with APAP (Auto-Setting Positive Airway Pressure) treatment at the 12-month phase of the program,” said Greer Woodruff, senior vice-president of safety and security at J B Hunt. “One of our Two Million Mile drivers who was tested and is now being treated for sleep apnea, lost 110 pounds, and said, ‘This program literally saved my life’. There is no doubt that drivers that have sleep apnea are safer and healthier following diagnosis and treatment.”

Using the Sure-ID system to mitigate potential test fraud, a driver can be tested while sleeping in his or her truck, home, or in a hotel instead of a typical in-patient testing environment. If the test is positive for sleep apnea the driver will go through SleepSafe’s Sure Compliance treatment program, which includes an APAP device with wireless monitoring to ensure effective treatment. Each driver also gets support from a personal Sleep Apnea/APAP coach to help ensure successful long-term therapy.

“Our program allows drivers to be tested and treated within 24 hours, versus three days to three weeks with traditional sleep programs. Additionally, our program is currently delivering an 86% success rate with treatment versus the nation average of between 30%-50%, helping to preserve these drivers’ CDLs and careers,” said Dana Voien, president of SleepSafe Drivers.

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