Keller explains importance of taking correct steps to go beyond CSA 2010 scorecard

The team of transportation experts at J J Keller & Associates Inc is urging carriers to go beyond the “scorecard” for CSA 2010 and to understand the importance of taking steps to improve their scores. Keller has fielded thousands of questions from transportation professionals regarding the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s CSA 2010 initiative and what they can do to prepare.

Thomas Bray, transportation management editor at Keller, said, “Knowing your score is only the first step in the process. Many carriers are now finding, after viewing their BASIC scores through the FMCSA’s website, that a good SafeStat score does not necessarily translate into a good score under CSA 2010. This new initiative is designed to use most of the ‘good stuff’ from the old system and bring in new components to overcome many of the shortcomings of the SafeStat system. Therefore, it is important to go beyond the scorecard—to not only understand how your score translates under CSA 2010 but also the steps you can take to improve your score.”

“It’s important that carriers develop corrective actions to address the areas of concern and that they implement programs to avoid preventable violations. Driver training, accident investigation, and policy and procedure development can all aid in the improvement of a carrier’s overall safety management program,” said Kathy Close, transportation associate editor at Keller.

Keller’s CSA Management Suite goes beyond the scorecard by providing actionable steps to improve safety performance under CSA 2010. For more information on CSA Management Suite or to take a five-day, no-obligation trial of the service, visit or call 1-877-550-2775.

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