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Keller provides pre-employment screening

J J Keller now offers a pre-employment screening program (PSP) service to provide carriers with a complete review of a driver’s history and to aid in the hiring process. Carriers receive a PSP scorecard from Keller with an overall evaluation based on variables tied to driver performance.

“Today, carriers have to sift through complex PSP reports from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. We interpret these driver history reports to provide a clear assessment, as well as explain the meaning behind the data presented in the PSP,” said Scot Rambo, Keller‘s director of compliance services.

The Pre-Employment Screening Program Analysis uses weighted scoring based on violation severity and elapsed time, as well as crash history. Scores are summarized by CSA BASIC, providing carriers with an overall assessment. Information is based on three years of roadside inspection data and five years of crash data.

In addition to aiding in hiring decisions, the assessments from Keller help manage fleet CSA scores, can be used in driver training, and improve overall hiring processes. The PSP Analysis Service is a complement to Keller’s Driver Qualification Service, which tracks all FMCSA-required documentation for CMV drivers.

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