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Kenworth PremierCare can help with CSA 2010 compliance

Kenworth PremierCare can help with CSA 2010 compliance

This autumn, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) will implement the Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010 (CSA 2010) program, which includes more stringent penalties for violations.

Proper truck maintenance can help reduce downtime and prevent costly repairs. Kenworth PremierCare ExpressLube Service is available for heavy- and medium-duty trucks at participating Kenworth dealers in the United States and Canada. The service offers a four-filter oil change, complete chassis lube, and 20-point vehicle inspection. The inspection includes a check of belts, hoses, tires, wheels, springs, U-bolts, bushings, shocks, brake lining and components, exhaust system mounting, fluid levels, instrument gauges, lights, reflectors, glass, mirrors, and horns.

In addition, PremierCare Preventive Maintenance enables fleets to focus on running their primary business instead of managing a maintenance facility. The program, which is open to any heavy- and medium-duty truck brand, provides maintenance service through more than 300 Kenworth dealers in the United States and Canada.

PremierCare also offers other services. PremierCare Express Air Conditioning Service features a 27-point inspection and includes a complete evacuation and recharge of the air-conditioning system, receiver/drier replacement, up to five pounds of R134a refrigerant, and compressor oil top-off.

PremierCare Connect ( streamlines parts ordering by electronically linking customers with their preferred Kenworth dealer. The program is offered in three versions: WebConnect, Connect Professional, and Connect Enterprise.

The PremierCare Customer Center (1-800-KW-ASSIST) is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Customer Center handles emergency roadside assistance calls and schedules service for preventive maintenance customers. No registration fee is required.

For more details, visit and click on Parts & Services.

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