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KLLM implements TRANSFLO systems

KLLM Logistics Services has implemented TRANSFLO $Velocity and TRANSFLO Mobile from Pegasus TransTech. These are electronic methods for carriers to submit invoices and load documents to participating third-party logistics (3PL) providers and freight brokers to speed processing and cash flow.

Both carriers and brokers benefit using TRANSFLO $Velocity and TRANSFLO Mobile. Brokers and 3PLs receive documents and data electronically from carriers to reduce manual processing and administrative costs to bill shippers faster. Carriers can get paid faster using TRANSFLO $Velocity and TRANSFLO Mobile.

KLLM Logistics Services is part of KLLM Transport Services, a privately owned company based in Richland MS. Among the top 100 for-hire motor carriers in the United States, KLLM Transport operates a fleet of about 2,000 refrigerated units.

Kirk Blankenship, KLLM’s vice-president of driver resources and logistics, sees TRANSFLO $Velocity as a benefit for KLLM Logistics Services carriers. “The quicker we get their invoices in, the quicker they get their money,” he said.

According to Blankenship, KLLM Logistics Services does approximately $20 million in annual business hauling both refrigerated and dry freight.

The logistics group was launched in 2008.

Blankenship said he was familiar with TRANSFLO Express truckstop scanning that KLLM uses on the asset side of the business. He decided to adopt TRANSFLO $Velocity after talking it over with his staff.

A TRANSFLO $Velocity link on the KLLM Logistics Services page spells out benefits for carriers and drivers. Among them:

•They retain original paperwork until payment has been received.

•They receive confirmation that invoices arrived for processing.

•They do not have to make copies before sending documents.

TRANSFLO $Velocity is free for carriers to use and provides a link to download the software.

Carriers can scan or gather documents from the free software using their computer or their smartphone with TRANSFLO Mobile. Documents are then electronically transmitted together for payment. Since invoices arrive electronically with the supporting documents, brokers do not have to deal with multiple submissions for a single invoice.

For more information, visit or call 800-783-8649.

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