KLLM lease-purchase program exceeds expectations

KLLM Transport Services continues to build a large team of owner-operators with its lease-purchase program, helping drivers acquire ownership of their own Freightliner Cascadias and Columbias with 18- to 36-month programs.

The company kicked off the lease-purchase program with an initial group of 10 independent contractors as a pilot project. Since then, the program has exceeded expectations and has grown to include more than 700 lease-purchase/independent contractors.

“We’re proud of those who took the ‘leap of faith’ with us in that beginning stage,” said Brenda Beard, lease-purchase manager. “They proved us right. Today we continue to offer drivers a flexible program that is easy to understand, free of loopholes, with a beginning and an end leading to ownership.”

The carrier recently announced the first 10 owner-operators who completed the program and own their trucks outright. They have good things to say about the help they were given by the firm.

"I did my research, asked a business advisor, and it was clear that KLLM offered the best plan out there,” said Sharon Ramsey, who joined the company in 1987. “They let me pick my own truck, and I got a great one. I hope to own and drive it for KLLM a long, long time.”

Eight-year company veteran Ray Holcomb, who has owned his truck since March 2010, said, “I’d advise anyone looking to own to talk to KLLM. They let me double up payments and own my truck in half the time, and that let me start making more money quicker.”

“It does pay off,” said Donald Alexander, an owner as of May 2010, who has been with the company for 12 years. “I’d never have been able to just go out and spend so much money and make those payments without this lease-purchase help.”

For more information, visit www.kllm.com or call 1-800-925-5556.

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