KLLM/FFE changes its fleet payments provider

Frozen Food Express (FFE) and its parent company, KLLM Transport Services have moved their fleet payments business to EFS.

After 30 years with another provider, KLLM/FFE, headquartered in Richland MS, chose to begin doing business with EFS–a Wex Company because of the company’s forward-thinking, collaborative approach and the commitment it demonstrated to help KLLM/FFE move its business—and its fleet—forward.

“It was important to us that the transition have minimal impact on our current business,” said Jim Richards, chief executive officer at KLLM. “EFS was able to effectively duplicate our current processes and solutions and to bring even more back-office efficiencies than we were seeing previously. We appreciate the commitment EFS has already demonstrated to our team and our business.”

KLLM/FFE went live with EFS’ fuel card and SmartFunds payroll technology and its EFS Mastercard single-card solution for drivers needing to fuel within the EFS truck stop network or the Mastercard network for non-fuel purchases, such as T&E expenses. KLLM/FFE is also using EFS’ Purchasing Card and Corporate Travel Card for expense management and purchasing control.

“We’re thrilled to welcome KLLM/FFE as the latest carrier to implement on the EFS platform,” said John Markham, EFS vice-president, fleet sales. “EFS continues to focus on bringing new technologies to help our customers improve efficiencies and performance. This is another great example of how we’re helping to move our industry forward, making payments smarter for our customers and the industry we serve.”

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