LMTS implements TRANSFLO services

LMTS, a full-service broker and third-party logistics (3PL) provider, has implemented TRANSFLO Express truckstop scanning and TRANSFLO $Velocity from Pegasus TransTech to transmit critical transportation documents electronically between carriers, freight brokers, and 3PL providers.

Using TRANSFLO Express, drivers visit any of the more than 850 participating truckstops and hand-deliver documents to a trained cashier for scanning. In seconds, these documents are delivered electronically to a carrier or freight broker’s corporate office for immediate billing and payroll processing. TRANSFLO Express speeds paperwork, reducing days-sales-outstanding and increasing cash flow.

TRANSFLO $Velocity offers freight brokers an easy, consistent method of receiving and processing invoices and load documents from carriers. A carrier downloads a free piece of software from www.transflovelocity.com. The software lets a carrier capture and transmit documents and data electronically in one transaction.

LMTS is based in Raleigh NC with offices in Arizona, California, Florida, and South Carolina. The company was formed in 1977 when it incorporated as L&M Transportation Services to broker loads of produce on the East Coast.

“Produce is still about 70% of our volume, but we do dry freight, LTL, and third-party logistics as well,” said Doug Stoiber, vice-president of produce operations.

LMTS and sister company LMTS Plus offer a complete menu of 3PL services, including truckload consolidation. The 46 employees of LMTS will manage $100 million in business this year, said Stoiber.

“One of the challenges we gave ourselves was finding a way to become more valuable for our carriers by getting them their money faster, so TRANSFLO Express and TRANSFLO $Velocity were a good fit for us,” said Stoiber.

In fact, LMTS has posted a page on its website to tell carriers of the benefits they’ll derive from TRANSFLO Express and TRANSFLO $Velocity (www.lmts.com/carriers/transflo). LMTS offers both of these services to carriers at no charge.

“We even designated one of our dispatchers as ‘Mr TRANSFLO,’” Stoiber said. “If a carrier has a question about how TRANSFLO Express or TRANSFLO $Velocity works, we have a Mr TRANSFLO phone extension. We can send him right to Mr TRANSFLO at extension 4739.”

Mr TRANSFLO’s real name is Kris Carter, Stoiber said.

For more information, visit www.pegasustranstech.com.

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